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In 1627, Sir Francis Bacons' novel "The New Atlantis" was first published. It is the story of a crew of shipwrecked sailors who land upon the shores of a mysterious, unknown nation, whose people had developed a culture and technology far beyond any thing previously known.

Amazingly prophetic, it spoke of buildings a half a mile tall, machines that flew through the air, ships that traveled beneath the sea and a goverment of Philosopher-Scientists serving an enlightened people who were dedicated to learning and higher achievement.

"The New Atlantis" was Bacons' vision for a new "Golden Age", and it became the inspiration for many influential American colonists, including several of Bacons' decendants, who settled in Virginia after it's publication.

Bacon, who many historians consider to be the true father of modern democracy and founder of America, was an avid student of Ancient Wisdom, joining many secret societies during his life. In his youth, he became a member of "The Order of the Helmet", a group that worshipped the Goddess as Pallas Athene, the Greek Goddess of Truth and Wisdom. It is this Goddess whose nineteen and a half foot tall bronze and platinum form now stands atop the Capitol building, gazing eastward, as the "Statue of Freedom" in Washington D.C. .

Bacon eventually became Grand Master of the Rosicrucian Order. His earliest initiations into the mysteries had awakened him to the "tone" of the Goddess, and his deep study of ancient wisdom texts had taught him that by stimulating certain areas of the brain, a process of inner growth and refinement could be activated, giving him "second sight", and the ability to perceive other dimensions. Bacon described this state of ageless consciousness as "All Knowledge".

This "All Knowledge" was alluded to on the title page of the first edition of "The New Atlantis", with a depiction of Father Time escorting a female figure out of the darkness of a cave, 'coming forth into the light of Day'. Underneath this engraving was the inscription;

"In Time, the Truth shall be revealed."

In his book,"The Secret Destiny of America", Manly Palmer Hall wrote; "The New Atlantis was completed, but never actually published in it's full form because it revealed too much. The final (unpublished) chapters revealed the entire pattern Secret Societies had been working on for thousands of years to achieve the ideal commonwealth in the political world."

These unpublished chapters provided comprehensive details for the unfolding of a "New Order of the Ages", including a complete timetable for the transitional period leading into the new millennium. They were thought to have revealed a long-range "Great Plan" to restore society to a condition of resonant harmony like"The First Time" of Ancient Egypt, when the twin worlds of Heaven and Earth intermingled. The missing chapters were brought to America in 1653 by Nathaniel Bacon, Sir Francis Bacons' decendant, and deposited, along with other secret documents, in a great vault in the town center of Williamsburg, the Capital of Virginia at that time.

In his "Symbolism in Craft Masonry", Colin Dyer wrote; "Thomas Jefferson was the last to examine the contents of this vault", and it is believed that the entire cache of priceless documents were removed, and eventually placed in a secret location either at the University of Virginia, which Jefferson founded, or at the new capital, Washington D.C..

Many historians believe this cache of documents to be among the worlds' most important ancient treasures. Bacons' supreme position as head of both Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism put him in charge of the most sacred manuscripts then held by the major secret societies.

Of all of the ancient manuscripts believed to have been in the possession of Secret Societies, none was more precious than "The Book of Thoth". It is considered to be the most priceless document ever given to Man, the Sacred Torch, from which all Mystery Schools were to draw their light. It is claimed that anyone capable of deciphering its' symbolic language would have their consciousness extended, allowing them to behold the invisible Immortals, and then enter into the presence of the Superior Gods. According to legend, 'The Book of Thoth" was stored in a golden box in the inner sanctuaries of the temples of Ancient Egypt.

Manly Palmer Hall, in his "Secret Teachings of all Ages', wrote; "The Book of Thoth was lost to the Ancient World with the decay of the Mysteries, but its faithful initiates carried it sealed to another land. The book is still in existence and continues to lead the disciples of this age into the presence of the Immortals".

Who are these Immortals? Many authors believe Sir Francis Bacon to have been one. He and the Comte St. Germain have been considered to be the most important initiates sent into the world by the invisible Brotherhood in the last one thousand years. E. Francis Udny, a Theosophical Society writer, believed that they were both the same immortal individual, writing that Bacons' supposed demise in 1626 was only a "philosophic death", not a literal one, and that he later surfaced as St. Germain.

The Methodology of Immortality was one of the primary secrets of Rosicrucianism. The preparation of an"Elixir of Life", which granted immortality, was first revealed in "The Book of Thoth". Sacred plants to activate this latent process of self-regeneration were shown in symbol. Seshat, the female counterpart of Thoth carries the hieroglyphic symbol of a seven leafed plant above her head as her emblem, and it may reveal an important clue to the recovery of this ancient secret...

Many strange events occurred in the years leading up to the American Revolution. In December of 1775, George Washington and Ben Franklin, while attending a meeting of the flag committee, spoke privately for several hours with an elderly gentleman identified only as "the Professor". In his book,"Our Flag", Robert Allen Campbell described this old gentleman as someone far beyond his threescore and ten years, yet undiminished by the effects of time. Tall, vigorous and clearminded, he gave detailed accounts of historical events of the last century as if he had actually been there. Washington and Franklin, both High Degree Master Masons and life-long students of Ancient Wisdom, were amazed by the Professors' commanding presence and grasp of historical detail. By unanimous approval he was invited to become a member of the flag committee. He then submitted a pattern for the new flag which he considered to be symbolically appropriate, and it was immediately accepted by the other six members of the committee and adopted forthwith. The true identity of this enigmatic old gentleman has never been revealed.

Washington had many encounters with mysterious individuals during the American Revolution. At Valley Forge he is said to have been approached by an"angel" who granted him a vision of the important role America was to play in the unfolding of the "Great Plan" of the Invisible Brotherhood. Washington was greatly affected by this visitation and sincerely believed that he had been chosen as a divine instrument who would bring this prophetic vision into reality.

Of all the founding fathers of America, none was more enigmatic than Thomas Jefferson. His membership in Secret Societies has never been proven, yet his understanding of the most important tenets of Rosicrucianism was evident in all of his major endeavors. His proudest accomplishment was the founding of the University of Virginia, which was based on the the Rosicrucian concept of the "Invisible College". This was a concept also championed by Bacon, who Jefferson revered, where students were given the opportunity to learn without the burden of theological restraint. He also utilized the harmonic architecture of Freemasonry in all of his designs.

In his book, "The Legacy of Jefferson", Jennings Wise wrote that within Jeffersons' architectural design of the University is hidden the teachings of the mystery schools and secret societies. Wise cryptically states that "Jefferson embedded the philosopy of the mystical tradition in the bricks and mortar of the University, so that its design would convey a philosophy free from dogma and superstition." Whether it is just the "ideas" of the Secret Societies embedded in the bricks and mortar of the University, or the actual documents themselves, has never been revealed...

One of Jeffersons' most cherished designs was the "circle within the square". Both the combination of a Dome or Rotunda set within a square, as is found in his famous home at Monticello, or a Dome set within a rectangle, as is incorporated in the Capitol Building, were known to Freemasons to symbolize the union of Heaven and Earth. This architectural design was more that just visual esthetics to Freemasons, they believed that if they created physical structures that mimic the harmonic, golden ratio found in Nature, the forces of Nature would manifest through them.

All of Goverment Center in Washington D.C. has been designed by Freemason Architects to resonate to the harmonic of Isis in Sirius. In his book "Morals and Dogma", Freemason Grand Master Albert Pike writes; "Sirius still glitters in our Lodges as the Blazing Star, the Guardian and Guide of our Souls". Her ancient, hidden plan to bring her children into a new dawn is nearing completion. As the Earth passes into a new age of heavenly alignment, the Halls of Power beneath her radiant form will "ring" to her sacred song, and those who seek to walk within her temples, will either join in chorus, or pass from within her walls...


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