By stirring the Primordial Waters of Nun,

the Great God, Atum-RA, created the Universe..

This moment marked the beginning of the Epoch known as Zep Tepi, or "The First Time", which stretched from the beginning of the world to the triumphant ascension of the star-King Horus to the throne of Ancient Egypt, the Cosmic Kingdom on Earth.

All cycles of time, from this first moment, were based on some aspect of the annual periodicy of the rising of the star Sirius.

Both the Palermo Stone and Manethos' King List, record 17 and 34 year cycles of Kingship, linking the heliacal rising of Sirius to the progressing quarter phases of thr Moon.

The Book of Sothis states that the total reign of Gods, Demi-Gods, and Human God-Kings spanned 36,525 years. This figure not only coincides with the figure for the annual heliacal rising of Sirius and the length of the true year - 365.25 days -, it also represents exactly 25 "Sothic Year" cycles of 1461 years.

Isis, the Great Mother, embodied in the star Sirius, brought a spiraling, resonant harmony to the Earth, a pattern of Great Force in the atmospheric aether, that not only set time, but sought to shape matter as well, manifesting a natural, aesthetic form called the Golden Ratio, or "Divine Proportion" in all her creations.

"I am the one who rises in Sirius,

I am the one called Goddess by women,

I separated the Earth from the Heavens,

I showed the path of the stars.

It is this harmonizing power , called Maat, that makes Isis so omnipresent and enduring. Loved by every known culture throughout the world, by her many different names, worship of the Goddess predates all others.

The throne was her symbol. It represented the foundational pattern on which Kingship and Civilization were structured. The symbol for Sirius was the pyramid. This symbol also represented the divine, harmonizing power of Sirius/Isis as the source of initation on Earth - a necessary mystical process that each ruler must complete.

Each king sat upon the throne of Isis and was seen as the primary link between Heaven and Earth. Groomed for this task from the moment of his birth, the King lived in both worlds, the Heavenly and the Earthly.

He ascended the stairs of the Temple of the Morning just as the Sun-God RA ascended above the horizon. The purpose of this ceremony was to project him into "The First time", blending the eternal, Heavenly World and the temporal, Earthly World into harmonic resonance, establishing divine order, or Maat, for yet another glorious day.

To produce this effect on the world around him, the King had to literally fuse Stellar energies into the living cells of his body.

Like a Cosmic Radio, the Star-King tuned his being to Sun-God RA, Osiris-in-Orion, and the Great Pantheon of frequencies that make up the Sirian Star System.

As a binary star system, all energies released by Sirius are shaped and conditioned by the perfectly balanced, elliptical orbit the two stars share.

The radiation released by Sirius varies greatly. Tremendous tidal pressures build up as the two stars approach one other at periastron. At this time the luminosity of Sirius is observed to brighten noticeably, and it is believed that for this brief climactic period, fusion reactions are once again taking place. As they part after periastron, the visible light diminishes, and the higher frequencies again predominate.

It is this seasonal cycle of death and climactic rebirth, modulated by the perfect harmonics of their elliptical orbit, that produces the rich panoply of archetypal forces that make up the family of Isis.

Of this family, none are greater than the god called Thoth. Plutarch described him as "the most logos-like of the Gods", the one most closely aligned with Universal Mind. Thoth is the God of Medicine, Learning, Science, Architecture, Truth, the Libraries, the Akashic Records, and above all, the God of Magic.

Great colleges, called "Houses of Life", were established under the guidance of Thoth, where candidates for high office or the priesthood would be given instruction into the true nature of the world.

This instruction was more than intellectual, the student was given real, hands-on training on the subtle planes of existence. It is this experiental knowledge brought back from the invisible realms that provided the basis of all initiation into the Mysteries.

By going through the death and spiritual re-birth of the Osirian myth, the candidate became identified with the overall harmonic pattern of the Sirian system. Having first gained this primary identification, any subsequent training and identification was ensured to be in allignment with "The First Time", and the great harmonic, Maat.

This "pattern" of initation has formed the basis of all mystery schools right up to our present day. The United States for instance, was established in America by the Brotherhood of the Freemasons. They arranged the streets and govermental buildings in Washington DC along a pentagonal harmonic pattern with the Oval Office of the White House at it's apex. They even set their Independance Day, July 4, to coincide with the annual Sun-Sirius conjunction, the day when the forces of RA and Sirius are in a unified alignment with Earth.

No Truth, if understood and remembered, can ever be hidden again.

In the "Maxims of Ptahotep", we are all urged, "Follow the Heart for as long as you live",, for it is this organ that retains the greatest sensitivity to the harmonizing, archetypal forces of Sirius, it becomes our "listening place", for the Sirian/Isian message of Eternal Love, Knowledge, and Understanding.

Everything we need to 'know', Every thing we need to 'understand', about our world, and our place in it, is always before us.

We need only open our eyes...

Awake, Awake, Awake, Awake in Peace,

Lady of Peace, Rise thou in Peace,

Rise thou in Beauty, Goddess of Life!

Beautiful in Heaven,, Heaven is in Peace, Earth is in Peace,

O Goddess, Daughter of Nut, Daughter of Geb,

Beloved of Osiris, Goddess rich in names!

All praise to you, all praise to you,

I adore you, I adore you,

Lady ISIS !

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